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Please get in touch to discuss our activity sports opportunities.

Our venue opportunities are as follows: SportsX Business SportsX Business

Brilliant outdoor sports activity experiences shared with family and friends in the great indoors!

Exclusive distributor of Proleski Sports Simulator Equipment, the World’s best activity sports simulators

The first ever Virtual Road & Track Sports Experience Entertainment Attractions.

Our multi-sport simulators are fitted with a huge cinema media wall. The simulator functionality and media wall allow people to relive real outdoor road and track activity experiences.

As the brilliant sound and audio tracks take you into the great outdoors, the simulator surface changes speed and vertical angle to match the physical conditions of the recording

Virtually cycle, run, walk, wheelchair or roller ski some of the world’s greatest activities, indoors!

Our Multi Sport Simulators are massive, powerful treadmills that allow small groups to enjoy sporting activities and experiences together.

They have 5 meter by 5 metre revolving surfaces, with controllable speed and vertical angle. It means that every sports activity can be just like being outdoors, but without weather, light and vehicle concerns.

Now, for the first time, your venue can offer realistic track cycling, hill cycling, running, wheelchair, roller skiing and walking for small groups of people of all ages, and all levels of activity sports skills and experience.

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