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We are the premier partner for indoor digital 3-D skiing activity slope operators.

ProleSki UK machines are the:


STEEPEST         13%-41.4% gradient

FASTEST     0-45km/h fall-line speed

CHALLENGING      24% left-right tilt

Perfect skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing on the world’s best artificial snow surfaces. Sensational sliding, gliding & carving experiences guaranteed.

Ideal for all ages & ability levels, from novice to elite performance athletes.

These machines are the world’s best learning experiences. Relaxed, stress-free, fall-free skiing and snowboarding learning, with real-time private skills instruction and self correction.

We have a range of Ski Machines and Centre Solutions to maximise the potential for every opportunity.


If you would like to set up a year-round indoor alpine sports club for learning, training, fitness, performance development & elite conditioning, UrbanSkiMountains Business Franchise might be your ideal solution.


UrbanSkiMountains franchise is perfect for those with an existing alpine sports facility, sports & fitness gym, or team performance development facility.

The franchise targets consumers that want to learn, develop and perfect their alpine sports skills by skiing and boarding all year round in their urban health, fitness and family lifestyle.

UrbanSkiMountain centres have the ultimate indoor digital 3-D skiing activity slopes, they are the ultimate ski gyms.

Most people in the world do not live in the mountains. So, UrbanSkiMountains bring the mountains to your city.

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Ski World Attractions offer families, communities, visitors, tourists, schools, party-makers of all ages, all levels of fitness, and all alpine experience a new, sensational fitness, action and entertainment experience.

The Attraction is perfect for people to visit time and again, hour by hour, day by day, week on week, or month on month. It’s just as perfect for the single experience visit, party, or corporate event.

Everything about Ski World Attraction is designed to attract, engage, immerse and entertain people.

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There are 3 key elements:

1. The world’s steepest, fastest, challenging and sensational 3-D digital skiing activity slopes ever made.

2. The world’s first massive-screen multi-sensory virtual experience digital system, integrated with the skiing slopes to provide real alpine slope skiing experiences from around the world.

3. Themed alpine resort furnishings, views, retail, and apres ski entertainments.

Together these Ski World Attraction features transport customers into alpine ski resorts from around the world to enjoy real thrilling ski slope descents, shopping, foot, drinking and entertainment experiences.

This is a sensational, healthy, fun, media intensive, skilled based adrenaline attraction that is the ultimate urban entertainment opportunity.

Ski World Attraction is an oven-ready business model, with full business strategy, plan and financial statements.

It is an urban entertainment attraction, so operators need an urban location with large catchment of families, communities, visitors, tourists, schools, party-makers.

In return, operators can expect exciting revenue and profit returns, and an ultra-quick return on investment.

We are ready to help operators to secure lease purchase finance for the equipment,fixtures and fittings to minimise the Capital (CapEx) required to start their Ski World Attraction.


Ski World sensation activity sports simulator attraction immerses you within real ski slope descent experiences - physically, sensorily, sensationally and emotionally.

These are examples of our 4K, 60 FPS, Edgeless, Smoother horizon captured experiences.

We can recreate these experiences for you and your group so that you can ski Les Gets & Morzine day and night, 365 days a year - with a massive smile on your faces!