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our most valuable experiences are when we get active, achieve and laugh with family & friends….

…. welcome to SportsXv   


Activation installations

Mobile activations

Activate your leisure, spa, retail, vacation, resort venues.

High demand sports,  fitness, leisure and family attraction,

Complete offer differentiation, protected catchment.

From single sports experience deck to complete  multi experience day and night sports experience complex.

Excellent sports equipment sale and rental opportunity

Capture, captivate and repeat your people catchment

Activated people need food and beverage for sport, recovery, eating, and leisure.

Activated environment with deck action streaming, playback experiences, and sports themes and atmosphere

Mobile sports activation experiences can be indoor or out

Tailor venue experiences to your venue: entry ticket and queue, and advance booking models

Activation Installation Components

6 equipment elements

Digitally controlled performance sports deck

Virtual Experience recording content

Experience production, creating control for media and 3d

Immersion media receptors (screen and immersion cylinder or dome)

Effective laser projection, perspective programming and seamless stitching

Sensory media and 3D control interface programming

Life is about shared, memorable, experiences. The best are when we actively do and achieve something together. That's because the release of adrenaline from anticipation, challenge excitement, problem solving and achievement stimulates powerful feelings and emotions.

We make shared immersive sports activity experience solutions, for fitness, leisure; entertainment and attraction venues. So you can activate and delight your customers to enjoy such shared memorable experiences.

Every indoor sports solution is ideal for learning, cardio, party, and extreme adrenaline experiences.

Our group size activity sports simulators and laser quality VR virtual immersion allow you to offer real life activity sports experiences from around the world at any venue, anywhere.

Great sports experiences activate communities for fitness and leisure. They change the positioning of leisure facilities to become high demand leisure attractions.

Vacation and day attractions need year round immersive entertainment for families and groups.  There is nothing better than doing and achieving something together.

Of course the activity sports and entertainment media has to be incredible and seamless.

That's what we deliver for you and your customers.

Our royalty free franchise is a complete new business to gear upyour venue combining the limits of sports activity machines and virtual reality technologies.

If you have a great venue and spaces, and want to have brilliant sports activity experiences for your customers to share, we have franchisees eager to invest and operate a concession franchise. Your venue secures new footfall, activation levels and revenue; our franchisee has a perfect venue and ready-made customer demand.

To take your venue to the next level is customer immersion and activation message me today with your new or existing venue concept.

Whether your venue is a leisure facility, day attraction or holiday park, it's essential to inspire your customers to partcipate and to share memorable experiences because then you really engage and immerse them in your attraction business.

Leisure facilities should be an attraction to inspire and include everyone. Being a health and fitness facility is no longer enough in our media rich lifestyles.

The massive growth sector in the attractions markets are activity participation and multi sensory virtual experiences.  Look no further SPORTS combines these golden nuggets.

engaging VR/AR experiences that create repeat customers for your venue

Increase your customer's dwell time and subsequent spend within your venue