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our most valuable experiences are when we get active, achieve and laugh with family & friends….

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Proleski is the world’s leading supplier of indoor activity sports decks, that create high performance adrenaline activities for sports, leisure, vacation & attraction venues.

Proleski UK has the UK & EU rights for this special equipment.

Our market approach is to build comprehensive & immersive sports activity experiences that are engaging and entertaining for individuals, families and groups.

This includes:

- express sports learning & development

- atmospheric special effects solutions

- recording & reliving real sporting activities and events in 3D & multi-sensory immersion (intergrated virtual experience)

- the development of 3D & multi-sensory augmented virtual reality

We believe that these elements will activate leisure and spa facilities to change the nature of their gymnasiums & spaces to become inclusive activity experiences for young & old, all fitness levels, novices to performance athletes. We believe that safe & inclusive activity experience immersion is the pinacle of the urban family attraction & resort market development.

We are wanting to develop a partnership with business(es) that can help us to deliver multi-sensory experience immersion. We do not think that our experiences, including virtual) can be delivered using goggles because the individual needs to interact with others on the sports deck, and to maintain effective balance & decision making on the moving deck surface.

So, we must build-in highly engaging, stimulating & stunning image projection & vision experiences.

Our technology engineers are working on our VR solutions based upon a flat projection screen. This will take a further 12 months at least.

In the meantime, we are ready to roll Integrated Virtual Experience solutions, which we see including:

- High Performance Sports Activity Deck Hardware with digitally controlled speed, vertical gradient & horizontal tilt gradients

- Content recording rig (360 degree film & audio with simultaneous GPS, speed, vertical gradient & horizontal tilt gradient data capture)

- Content recording

- Recorded content film & audio projection systems

- Projected image reception media (flat screen, curved screen, high wall cylinder, immersion dome)

- Recorded content software & lens production (making it real in perspective & seamless across large areas)

Recorded content data production so that the Deck Hardware works simultaneously with the audio-visual as it is replayed (tying together a comprehensive re-living of an experience recording)