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our most valuable experiences are when we get active, achieve and laugh with family & friends….

…. welcome to SportsXv   


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Performance sports activity decks integrated with virtual experiences immersion media for learning, adrenaline, challenges and entertainment experiences.

We are You aware of our sports simulators and virtual experiences solutions? We're cutting edge VR Immersion, being activity, social, 3d and multi sensory.  We'll transform and activate communities by making virtual activity sport more fun than gaming and passive VR.

We make 3D Multi-sensory immersive sports activity experience solutions, for fitness, leisure; entertainment and attraction venues. We integrate world leading endless activity sports decks with the latest virtual reality recording & laser projection technologies inside huge Wrap cylinders and VR domes so that your customers can enjoy real adrenaline sports experiences with friends inside your venues, anywhere in the world.

Life is about shared, memorable, experiences. The best are when we actively do and achieve something together. That's because the release of adrenaline from anticipation, challenge excitement, problem solving and achievement stimulates powerful feelings and emotions.

We make shared immersive sports activity experience solutions, for fitness, leisure, entertainment and attraction venues. So you can activate and delight your customers to enjoy such shared memorable experiences.

Every indoor sports solution is ideal for learning, cardio, party, and extreme adrenaline experiences.

Our group size activity sports simulators and laser quality VR virtual immersion allow you to offer real life activity sports experiences from around the world at any venue, anywhere.

Great sports experiences activate communities for fitness and leisure. They change the positioning of leisure facilities to become high demand leisure attractions.

Vacation and day attractions need year round immersive entertainment for families and groups.  There is nothing better than doing and achieving something together.

Of course the activity sports and entertainment media has to be incredible and seamless.

That's what we deliver for you and your customers.

Our royalty free franchise is a complete new business to gear upyour venue combining the limits of sports activity machines and virtual reality technologies.

If you have a great venue and spaces, and want to have brilliant sports activity experiences for your customers to share, we have franchisees eager to invest and operate a concession franchise. Your venue secures new footfall, activation levels and revenue; our franchisee has a perfect venue and ready-made customer demand.

To take your venue to the next level is customer immersion and activation message me today with your new or existing venue concept.


We are the market leaders in high performance group sports simulation decks

We are the market leaders in virtual experience and virtual reality sports experience sensory immersion

We are the market leaders in the integration of high speed, 3D performance sports simulation decks with virtual and special effects technologies

We are the market leaders in delivering inclusive, ground breaking activity sports experiences for any venue & purpose


If you are a venue owner, we need you to share your vision with us so that we can be part of your success plan

If you are a venue consultant, we need to show you how your services can take on a completely new dimension with our activation products and services

If you can activate venues with us, we need you to act as our Agent Introducer, or to join our worldwide Activation Team